Flexible source of strategic capital for a networked nation.

Uniti is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on the acquisition, development and operation of mission-critical communications infrastructure. We work with customers in a wide variety of situations, including monetizing existing assets through a sale-leaseback transaction, infrastructure development, and merger and acquisition support for complementary companies.

Our REIT structure allows customers a flexible source of permanent capital for strategic initiatives, enabling them to strengthen and expand the critical communications infrastructure that unifies businesses, consumers and communities across the country.

Transactional solutions offering comprehensive connectivity and growth.

The accelerating demand for broadband capacity to support today's data, mobile and cloud-driven world is driving exponential growth in the telecommunications and content industries, making network assets a valuable commodity to operators and investors alike.

In an industry that is famously capital intensive, we collaborates with operators to develop assets, simultaneously easing the burden of raising investment capital. However, unlike a private equity or venture fund, we do not take an ownership interest in or exercise control over operations. Instead, operators gain access to a vast reserve of capital along with the freedom to use it in ways that best suit their strategic objectives.

Our unique and creative REIT structure provides a vital connection between investors and operators of capital, unlocking the value of the network for the benefit of both parties.


Sale Leaseback: Uniti has taken a model that has proven successful in specific sectors, such as wireless towers, and applied it to the entire communications distribution infrastructure. In a sale-leaseback arrangement, we acquire mission-critical communications infrastructures, then lease them back to the corporation who then continues to run operations, maintains the network and meets all regulatory obligations. This approach provides liquidity and optimal flexibility to the network operator to invest in network enhancements and expansion.

Capital Investments: Uniti can offer a cost-efficient method of raising capital for strategic growth initiatives — such as greenfield fiber-optic installations to improve network speed and capacity — alleviating the need for our provider customers to invest billions in building or upgrading networks.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Uniti can facilitate M&A transactions as capital associates, for example, by acquiring the assets of the seller and leasing them back to the buyer. We also have the flexibility to buy and operate entire companies through a Taxable REIT Subsidiary (TRS).

Wholesale Connectivity Solutions: With approximately 7.0 million fiber strand miles, we work with hundreds of other carriers across the country to help them create the connectivity required to drive their businesses forward. We've invested billions of dollars into network infrastructure across the country, enabling our wholesale customers - content providers, data center operators, WISPs, ISPs, international and wireless carriers, other network providers and more - to expand their reach and gain the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive arena.


Selling Communications real Estate TO Uniti

  • Monetize infrastructure assets while retaining use through a lease
  • Unlock value associated with real estate infrastructure excess capacity
  • Focus on acquiring, serving and supporting customers
  • Numerous tax advantages for sellers
  • Reduce debt with the sale proceeds and maximize interest deductions due to limitations from 2017 Tax Reform Act
  • Take advantage of fully deductible (generally) lease expenses
  • Defer potential capital gains taxes by receiving OP units as consideration

Leasing Communications Real Estate FROM Uniti

  • Lower the cost of entering new markets or increase capacity in existing markets
  • Speed market expansion efforts by removing permitting and construction obstacles
  • Reduce the need to raise new capital to fund network infrastructure construction
  • Focus on acquiring, serving and supporting customers
  • Customizable leases for exclusive or non-exclusive use arrangements

Uniti Advantage:

Uniquely Positioned: Our unique REIT structure offers customers a flexible source of permanent capital for strategic initiatives, enabling them to strengthen and expand their own network, growing their business efficiently and affordably.

Strategic Uniti Capital: As the first diversified communication infrastructure REIT, Uniti is dedicated to igniting ideas and pursuing strategies that advance success for our customers and operators.

Experts in Unity: Our team of experts brings decades of experience in creating innovative solutions and sourcing the capital required to support next-generation growth.