Everyone deserves the opportunity to connect.

Uniti values education and we understand the impact that a cutting-edge, robust communication infrastructure can have on K-12 school districts, educators, administrators, students, parents and communities.

Throughout our long history of supporting schools and libraries served by the E-Rate program, we've built a dedicated team of experts dedicated to providing next-generation learning technologies.

We understand the unique challenges of navigating the E-Rate process, as well as the day-to-day challenges K-12 schools face. From improving network reach and quality to increasing capacity to maintaining cost certainty to ensuring the availability of remote learning options, Uniti can deliver the E-Rate eligible, custom-designed connectivity solutions required to improve and enhance the learning experience.

From 1M to 100G DWDM networks and beyond, Uniti offers affordable, scalable, and reliable network services to connect the leaders of tomorrow with the most advanced technologies of today.

  • Dark Fiber
  • Internet
  • Ethernet
  • 1M to 100G DWDM Network

For needs that extend beyond connectivity, we also offer Voice, Business Continuity, Infrastructure, Advanced Security Services and a host of other products to prepare your students for an even more connected future.


  • Increased Efficiencies: Our connectivity is delivered on a pure-fiber network designed to offer exceptional speeds and reliability.
  • Future-Ready Solutions: We've collaborated with hundreds of schools and libraries to deploy budget-smart, leading data solutions to help them remain ahead of the technology learning curve, future-proof their networks and equip students with the tools necessary to succeed.
  • E-Rate Expertise & Support: Our E-Rate specialist team can help maximize approved E-Rate solutions, navigating the program with ease and ensuring compliance requirements are met.

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