Scalable Solutions, Customized Networks

From technology to design to support, Uniti is setting the bar for how networks should be. Our powerful, intelligent and scalable solutions are any-sized and future-ready, empowering your business for growth and designed for the world's data-intensive digital reality. Our highly-trained experts focus on driving real, tangible results. We're here to help transform your business, create operational efficiencies, expand your customer base, increase revenue, gain the competitive edge - whatever your measure of success is, you'll have a local team collaborating with you to achieve it.

Internet Services

Uniti's reliable and secure, enterprise fiber-based Internet products enhance your collaboration efforts and productivity, while giving more for your budget.

Networking Services

Deployed on our next-generation fiber network, Uniti's enterprise networking offers the performance required to level up your business, no matter what your specific challenges or goals are.

Managed Network Services

Our complete Managed Network Services offer a comprehensive service plan for each of our customers’ unique requirements.

Voice Services

Uniti has taken the best of what hardware, software and cloud services have to offer and wrapped it all up into a simple - yet powerful and cost-effective enterprise voice package for your business.

E-Rate Services

Uniti offers affordable, scalable, and reliable network services to connect the leaders of tomorrow with the most advanced technologies of today.

Uniti Advantage:

Trusted, Leading Provider: Providing fiber infrastructure solutions that drive next-level technologies, customer engagement, business transformation and innovation.

Proven Partner: Our growing fiber infrastructure spans nearly 7 million fiber strand miles, connects over 25,400 customer locations with local access to 2,600+ municipalities and dozens of public utilities.

Certified and Experienced: Our team of experts – comprised of veteran technologists – brings decades of experience in delivering customized solutions wherever network challenges exist.